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Our Mission Statement
We will invest in and manage projects to provide our shareholders and investors with a strong return on their investments with solid security first and foremost. We will safeguard their interests in priority to our own.
Our Track Record
We have facilitated investments in dozens of projects since 2006 through our offices in Canada and the Netherlands such as IHOP Restaurants Edmonton & Lethbridge; Lakeside Village at Pine Lake; Westwood condominiums Lethbridge; Horse Hills Industrial Park Edmonton; The Heights subdivision Dawson Creek; Saratoga Oceanfront Cottages.
Our Business Philosophy
We are approached many times each year to invest in all kinds of deals: Shopping malls in India, apartment buildings in Russia, foreclosure houses in the US. If this is your idea of excitement, we wish you good luck. We invest in equity positions in western Canada only which has been our home for decades. It is simply the best place in the world to live and invest. Western Canada has the resources the rest of the world wants. We understand the local / micro demographics, economies and the macro / bigger picture. We know and trust the people who live here. And, we can drive by our projects and see them progress.

Out of many projects we evaluate we carefully select only the best with the help of extensive research and our trusted advisors whom we have worked with for many years. We then set a clear point of entry & exit.  

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The first step is to get acquainted to see if we share the same goals and expectations.

Call or email us and tell us about yourself and your goals. We will be happy to have a conversation.

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